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Best Selling Eco-Friendly Products in India

Best Selling Eco-Friendly Products in India

Eco-friendly products are those products that do not provide any harm to the environment, whether it is in production, use, or disposal. In other words, they help in reducing pollution and preserving the environment. These products are made up of recycled material or scratch. Eco-friendly products in India do not contain harsh chemicals that cause the environment. They can be easily recognized; also, the company put a label below the product.

Most people think that Eco-friendly products in India are costly, but you are wrong. They are biodegradable and reusable. You can use them again and again.

List of Best-Selling Eco-Friendly Products in India

The List of Best-Selling Eco-Friendly Products in India is composed of various items, which are categorized into different types. The eco-friendly products contain all the eco-friendly materials and equipment, which can be used for saving the nature. The list includes the conventional raw materials and appliances, which are utilized for providing cleanliness and green surroundings for the community. There are also some famous manufacturers in the market, which are using new technologies to promote the environment-friendly products in India.

The list of best-selling eco-friendly products in India contains many popular consumer goods, which have helped in reducing the landfill waste considerably. This has increased the green awareness of the society in a great deal. There are many manufacturers in the market, which are utilizing green technology for manufacturing the products in a very eco-friendly manner. These products are manufactured in such a way so that they do not require much energy and resources, which ultimately lead to a great reduction in the total consumption of the green resources. There are a lot of green products, which are used in these eco-friendly products in India.

The main function of the list of best-selling eco-friendly products in India is to promote the environmental consciousness among the people. These products also help in reducing air pollution and protecting the earth from the climatic changes. The main categories of the products in this list are the kitchen appliances and equipment, and the garments, which are made using natural fibers and fabrics. There are a lot of branded companies, which are using advanced technology for manufacturing the clothes and accessories in a very eco-friendly manner. The List of Best-Selling Eco-Friendly Products in India includes various electronic items, furniture, and other accessories, which can be bought from the online stores at affordable rates.

Reusable Bamboo Items

Bamboo is an excellent plant because it can be used to make many sustainable and practical organic products. Bamboo products look simple but attractive. Bamboo can be used to make and sell many items such as plates, combs, toothbrushes, utensils, and cutlery.

For example, bamboo kitchen items never melt when left on the heating plate. They do not release any toxins and don’t require additional washing chemicals. But they might get burned if you place them on fire.

Also consider: how many toothbrushes do you use in your life. They all are made up of plastic. Indirectly, you will harm nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t brush your teeth and make them white with a more durable solution.

Bamboo toothbrushes gain popularity in most countries because they are naturally antibacterial, biodegradable, and do not require any energy to process material. So, they don’t harm nature. Also, bamboo products remain in good condition for longer than you think.

Eco-friendly water bottles

According to the research, one person drinks about one and a half liters of water per day. Imagine the time you would waste if you go to the store and buy bottled water, especially if you are going outside for a picnic and don’t have water. You purchase bottled water from a shop. But, if you have a bottle, then you can refill it from the water tank.

In India, there are billions of plastic bottles thrown every day. And all these bottles releases harmful BPA toxin that can be very harmful. Alternatively, we recommend BPA-free stainless steel bottles or other glass and silicone water bottles.

These will help to preserve nature by not producing harmful chemicals when thrown out. You can choose a shape and color, apply stickers, or glitters. Another advantage of these bottles is that they keep the temperature the same for up to 24 hours. You can also use Eco-friendly straws, caps, and cables.

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Grocery Bags

How many plastic bags do you have in a kitchen drawer? Now estimate how many of them will live on the planet after your grandchildren grow up. Eco-friendly bags are very effective and useful and are usually made from woven cotton fibers.

They are incredibly long-lasting and stress-resistant. Since they are opaque, no one will ever know that you bought an extra can of Nutella. Even if you do your shopping online, then you can use these bags for other items. If you are a shop owner, then you should inform your customers that they are getting a discount if they use a reusable grocery bag when buying something.

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Rechargeable Batteries

The main advantage of rechargeable batteries is that they can be used repeatedly, hence producing less conventional batteries. These batteries consume 24 times less non-renewable natural resources than disposable ones. Also, recharging batteries is more efficient than buying and producing new ones. Ultimately, your customers will save money, energy, and time.

If you use disposable batteries, then download the iRecycle app and earn recycling points for the disposable batteries and electronic items that often end up in the trunk.

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Reusable Coffee Filters

Needless to say, coffee is still popular, and there is plenty of option to choose Eco-friendly products in India. What would a whole life be without this precious hot drink? Of course, in a beautiful Eco-friendly bamboo mug. Whether you like it with soy milk or almonds, the main thing is coffee, which needs to be properly brewed. The Eco-friendly papers include metal, nylon, and even gold filters. Environmentally friendly organic cotton filter balances both. It absorbs a little oil, but it does not pass the acid and will last you for many years.

Eco-friendly options can also be used for machines. These reusable filters can almost fit in any coffeemaker type and are worth buying than a plastic filter. These are pretty much expensive but are easy to use.

Erasable Notebook

Do you also find an old pen and paper notes to be more convenient and useful than a laptop? You probably don’t want to use your laptop during a meeting and like to write notes regularly. If you care about the environment, then these erasable or reusable notebooks are a beneficial and Eco-friendly products in India.

Say don’t waste paper, and your life will never be the same. These books can be used indefinitely by wiping them with a damp cloth. For example, RocketBook allows you to connect your laptop to the cloud and save data if necessary. Write down everything that comes to mind and then draft it, and if you don’t want it, you can also delete it.

Natural Cleaning Products

We use different types of cleaning chemicals in our homes. They can improve the smell in the room, but are you sure they are good for your health? Many people really think about this problem especially with children who try to taste whatever they find.

Retailers then find a solution: natural cleaning products – one of the bestselling Eco-Friendly Products in India. They are made from safe materials. Eco-friendly companies are launching multi-surface products made from plants, minerals, and essential oils. Leading Eco-friendly companies clearly mentioned the ingredients on the product.

Biodegradable Trash Bags

Trash Bags are one of the most usable plastic products that cause pollution. Most people use plastic trash bags in their homes. They don’t think that these bags are the cause of pollution and it will harm the environment. Millions of trash bags thrown out every day across the world.

They take thousands of years to get decomposed. So, think about it once and buy biodegradable trash bags. I know that they are pretty much expensive than normal plastic trash bags. But, if you really care about the environment then you don’t buy plastic ones. The Eco-friendly biodegradable trash bags are 100% composable and safe for the environment.

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Safety Razor

You think that the strong razor is a thing of the past. So, you might be wondering what they are holding up to date. More and more people are realizing that some brands are trying to make our regular replacement razor strong enough but not long enough to last. So, you will buy another one soon. Safety razors are Eco-friendly and durable as they are sharpened and reduce irritation with only one blade touching the skin.

Eco-Friendly Phone Covers

Do you know that plastic phone cases take 100 years to decompose? Whereas most users buy a new phone case once a month and throw away the old one. Imagine how harmful these plastic covers are for the environment. In order to preserve or protect the environment, we should choose 100% composable phone covers.

These covers can be made from modern silicon, wood, or bio-plastic. As a result, it will take 6 months or a year to decompose your old phone case. For example, Grovemade company makes iPhone covers from the discarded skateboard.

These cases are Eco-friendly Products in India and protect your device with a cute, soft, earthen shell and you’ll be sure to kill the plastic habit. Environmentally friendly cases are durable. The creativity and uniqueness of the design will definitely attract the attention of your friends.

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are now a great boom in the market. Most people use led lights in their beautiful homes. They last longer and are more efficient than traditional bulbs. 95% of LED energy is converted and only 5% is lost as heat.

Lower energy consumption reduces demand from power plants and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the average efficiency of an LED lamp is 78 lumens/watt, while the normal efficiency is 13 to 18 lumens/watt.

They may be more expensive, but they help you save money by not throwing away your light bulb every month. It helps in protecting the environment. They come in many different shapes and can fit in any lamp.

Recycled Clothes

Clothes that are not made of chemicals will give bad effects on your skin. But if they are made up of natural materials then they are safe for your skin and can be recycled. However, another better way is to revive old jeans. You can take them to a second-hand shop and they will create something good from them.

There are places where you can donate your old clothes. In addition, many shops offer discounts if you bring in old clothes. For example, if you bring your old clothes to stores like H&M and Levy then you get a discount of up to 15% to 20%.

Handmade / Artisanal Soap

These cute little things have become an important part of bathroom decoration and are a good gift to give. These soaps are Eco-friendly products in India and have no harmful chemicals in it. The fragrance of the soap is natural and pure. Handmade soap is made from natural ingredients. In addition, soap is made using the slow working method. So, natural ingredients do not lose quality and vitamins without overheating.

Also, customers started realizing the cons of using chemical soaps in the supermarket. As a result, many customers started looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly options.

Reusable Diapers

According to scientific data, you will use around 8,000 – 9,000 diapers for your baby, which costs you a lot of money. The regular diapers you are using are not recycled.

It is harmful to nature and it’s a serious issue. But, reusable diapers are Eco-friendly products in India and will definitely save you a lot of money, and will not harm the environment. They are soft and safe for the baby’s skin. You can wash them and reuse them again. So, forget about purchasing again and again.


Books play an important role in our life. It gives us knowledge. It is one of those things that makes you rich. But, if we print more and more paper then there will no trees in the future. If we need trees and plants on our earth today or in the future, then we should stop cutting trees and use e-readers, such as Kindle – one of the Eco-Friendly Products in India.

And this is where technology points to the benefits of green solutions. E-books are not only best friends in the global wilderness but are also very inexpensive. You can download the full book in one click and easily carry them with you. No need to carry heavy books in your backpack, no need to go anywhere for the latest collection. Buy it online, download it, and get it anytime at your fingertips.

Beeswax Food Wrap

Beeswax wrap helps you to preserve your food for up to a year. The wrap is made of a coated fabric, usually cotton. You can easily wrap your food container or food items with it. It is reusable and Eco-friendly and protects your food for a longer time without the need for electricity. When you use it, wash and dry it, and then use it again.

Some companies like Bee Wrap have already discovered the growing popularity of this kitchen roll and have created their own special product to sell. They come in many sizes, shapes, and designs to suit every need.

Eco-friendly Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are considered bad but most people getting used to it completely. However, if you have not left your use of cotton buds yet, then go for Eco-friendly cotton buds instead of plastic. Eco-friendly cotton buds are a good choice to use. They are disposable, biodegradable, organic and all contain natural bamboo. In addition, they are stronger and better than plastic.

Eco Devices and e-Accessories

According to scientific information, only 12% of e-waste is recycled. The computer consists of plastic, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, brominated flame retardants, and chromium. In our country, millions of tons of e-waste are generated and half of them are computers and their accessories.

After seeing this, modern companies develop new solutions in order to protect the environment. For example, ASUS uses bamboo covers instead of plastic on their laptops. Furthermore, all their laptops have good ratings in terms of energy efficiency. Dell Studio Hybrid designs compact desktops that are 80% smaller and use 70% less energy.

Biodegradable Garden Pots

If you want to protect your garden from contamination of plastic and rubber then you should biodegradable pots. Basically, these pots are made up of recycled material such as fiber, coir, newspaper, terracotta, or peat.

If you need beautiful plant pots then terracotta pots are the perfect solution. While newspaper and pear pots are used to grow seeds into large plants, but the advantage is that these pots rot naturally in a year and can be planted in the ground.

Solar Chargers

Solar chargers use solar energy to power batteries or electrical devices. They are portable and do not require regular electricity to operate. By using solar chargers, you can really save a lot of money and protect the environment. In addition, they are the ideal backup generator for your home or when you are on a long journey.

Bamboo Bath Mat

Bathing mats are very useful for keeping your feet dry when you step out of the shower and serve as a beautiful accent in the bathroom.

Instead of choosing plastic or rubber mats, buy a bamboo bath mat made of 100% bamboo. These bamboo mats have antibacterial properties and dry quickly. It also helps in protecting the environment.

Organic Shower Gel

Are you looking for a chemical-free shower gel that keeps you clean and fresh all day? Then go for Eco-friendly natural body wash. The regular body washes you use contain harmful chemicals that provide itching and harm to your body. Always take care of your body by using natural body wash. The Eco-friendly body washes contain plant-based ingredients and are far away from toxic, allergenic, and harsh chemicals.

Natural Organic Deodorant

Every time you use deodorant, the irritation you get is from chemicals. Many companies use harsh chemicals in it. Now, Natural organic deodorant has become common in the personal care industry. These natural deodorants contain good fragrance and are free from toxins, aluminum, and BPA. It also comes in a biodegradable cardboard box.


It is very important to protect the environment by not using plastic products. They will create harmful chemicals. That is why you should switch to Eco-friendly products. They are reusable, durable, and helps in preserving nature.

In the last 5 years, the market for Eco-friendly products has been booming. Now the e-commerce industry started producing and promoting Eco-friendly products in India. Small changes in packaging and energy efficiency do not require large additional costs, but bring happiness to customers and your business.


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Written by Ashoke Das

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