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Costa Coffee Bahrain

If you are looking for the perfect place to relax and unwind, try Costa Coffee in Bahrain. They have five branches in Bahrain, including one in Saar. Their speciality drinks are delicious and you can even order them to go. You can order a Turkish latte for free. The first 100 people to visit this branch will get a complimentary drink. They are open from 6am to midnight. For more information, you can visit their official page.

The company’s recent expansion has prompted an influx of local business-people in the Kingdom. The Al Zayani Investments Group, which has recently opened its F&B division, has acquired exclusive development rights for Costa Coffee in Bahrain. The partnership enables Al Zayani to expand their brand in the region, which has nearly 4,000 locations across 32 countries. The company is known for its diversification of ventures, so it makes sense for it to extend its success to new industries.

Costa Coffee has a great reputation in the UK. Since the company has a renowned reputation, it has expanded into more than thirty-two countries. Its new locations in Bahrain are expected to increase commercial traffic and attract both tourists and residents. Moreover, the country’s population is growing, so it’s important to support these businesses. The Al Zayani Investments Group has expanded into the F&B sector in Bahrain as well, and they are now aiming to expand their brand and business in the country.

The company’s recent expansion plans in the Middle East include the opening of Costa Coffee in Bahrain’s City Centre. The first store is scheduled to open in December. It will focus on local tastes and serve homegrown specialties. In addition to Bahrain’s first Costa Coffee outlet, the company will also create a network of stores across the country. There are also plans for other locations in the near future. With the new investment, Al Zayani Investments Group will have the best of both worlds

In Bahrain, the company’s new location is located in the Diplomatic Area. It is the first Costa Coffee outlet in the country. The coffee shop franchise first started operations in the country’s tiny island in 1999 and soon after, opened its first international store. Today, it is one of the world’s most popular coffee brands. It also offers a variety of unique experiences and has a strong presence in the Diplomatic Area.

Costa Coffee Bahrain Branch Locations

Throughout the country, you can find Costa Coffee branches located in malls, shopping centers, and other locations. These Coffee Houses are Counter-Service Chains, serving hot beverages and iced coolers. They also sell sandwiches, snacks, and sweet treats. Whether you need to grab a quick bite or a full meal, you’re sure to find it at a Costa Coffee branch. This counter-service chain has branches in major cities as well as smaller towns.

Costa Coffee Bahrain
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Costa Coffee is located in several malls and airports throughout the region.

Branches & Locations of Costa Coffee in Bahrain

Branch #1 – Costa Coffee Bahrain Phone (Contact) Number

Al Hayat Shopping Centre, Near Sarab-3 Apartments, 28 Saqiyah Ave, Manama, Bahrain


Branch #2 – Costa Coffee Bahrain Phone (Contact) Number

Dana Mall, King Faisal Highway, Sanabis, Bahrain


Branch #3 – Costa Coffee Bahrain Phone (Contact) Number

Near Toni & Guy, Seef Mall, Opposite Ithmaar Bank, Avenue 40, Seef, Bahrain


Costa Coffee Bahrain Menu

Costa Coffee Bahrain is an international chain of coffee shops in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They have delivery services in three areas: the Diplomatic Area, the Sea Front City Center, and AlJuffair. You can try their hot chocolate, sandwiches, and pastries, and also enjoy a wide range of chilled drinks and treats. The company also offers a selection of gourmet coffee, chocolates, and specialty drinks. Customers can also order fruit coolers, wraps, and baked goods to take away with them.

The original Costa Coffee store was in the tiny country island of Bahrain in 1999. In 2007, the brand expanded to the Middle East and opened a store in the Diplomatic Area. Then, in 2008, it expanded to other locations. Now, it employs nearly 18,000 people in 30 countries. The company also offers a wide selection of eatables, including cakes and pastries. The Costa Coffee bahrain menu is a good introduction to their products and services.

As one of the world’s largest coffee chains, Costa Coffee Bahrain started as a small country in the Gulf in 1999. In the Diplomatic Area, the coffee chain opened its first international outlet. The company expanded quickly and now has more than 3,850 outlets worldwide. It’s now a globally-renowned brand, with a reputation for providing delicious beverages and a wide range of eatables. The Costa Coffee bahrain menu offers a wide range of beverages and eatables.

Costa Coffee diplomatic Area Bahrain

Costa Coffee first opened its doors in the tiny country island of Bahrain back in 1999. Its opening in the Diplomatic Area in the Middle East is a huge move, and is expected to be the first in the region. The store will offer a variety of food items, and be the first Costa Coffee in the country. The store will be operated by Al Zayani Investments, which holds the exclusive development rights for Costa Coffee in Bahrain.

Costa Coffee Bahrain Jobs

Costa Coffee is a well-known chain of coffee shops and restaurants that was founded in 1971 by Italian immigrants Sergio and Bruno Costa in London. The company has always stayed true to its Italian roots and is in essence the epitome of Curore d’Italia. The original blend of coffee that the company is known for is a combination of seven different beans: six Arabica Beans and one Robusta bean. The coffee that the Costa brand is famous for today is based on this unique blend.        

Costa Coffee Bahrain
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Detailed Information about Costa Coffee Bahrain

Get a touch with Costa Coffee Bahrain with there social Media handle and also with there Website to get more information about there upcoming planning.

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