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Create Amazing Engaging Video Content for Social Media?

Video Content for social media

We live in the age of video content. According to a study by Animoto, 72% of marketers are using video marketing and it is projected that 80% will be doing so by 2020.

This shift has been driven largely by social media users who have come to expect video content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

In fact, videos now account for over 10 billion hours watched on Facebook every day!

In this article we’ll cover how you can create engaging video content for your social media channels that will keep your followers coming back for more!

Why Video Content for Social Media is Important?

There are many reasons why video content is important for social media. These include the fact that

  • Video content is more engaging than other forms of content
  • Videos are better at capturing attention and keeping it longer than other types of media
  • Audiences respond to videos in a more positive way, and they’re less likely to skip over them when scrolling through their feed
  • Videos on social media can help boost engagement rates by up to 80%
  • People like watching videos because it makes them feel closer to the brand or company that posts them
  • With video content, you have the opportunity for increased conversions as well as greater customer loyalty

How to Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media?

One of the best ways to create video content that your audience will find engaging is by trying out different types of videos. This includes live streaming, vlogs, testimonials and more.

To be successful with this strategy you’ll need to identify what type of video would work well on social media – in theory almost any video could do the trick if posted at the right time!

There are mainly 6 types of Video content for Social Media that attract more attention

The following video content types that you should be posting on your social media are:

Live streaming:

Live Streaming is one of the most popular video formats for social media because it makes followers feel like they’re closer to the brand or company with which they connect with. There’s a higher chance of increased conversions as well as greater customer loyalty when you post live stream videos on your social channels.

Videos that are live streamed have a much higher chance of being shared on social media. So you want to make sure they’re video content, not just a photo with text over it so there’s an increased chance for engagement and shares!

  • Live stream videos should be uploaded directly from the camera app (not filmed in advance)
  • Make sure the time stamp is visible at all times – if followers can see when your video was posted then they’ll know how recent it actually is!
  • Uploading while talking keeps people engaged more than uploading without speaking would do alone or uploading footage prerecorded as this video will seem less “real” because viewers feel like they’re watching someone talk about something rather than experiencing.


Vlogging can also work really well if done in an authentic way that reflects what life at your business looks like day-to-day – people love seeing behind the scenes! With this type of video content, there’s an opportunity for deeper conversation about specific products and services offered.

  • Find your video content niche –
  • Keep it authentic and conversational. Add personality to the vlogs by using a voiceover or adding an introduction to each video you post. This can be done with pictures or text, but don’t be afraid of being creative! You want people watching your videos to feel like they’re in on something special that only subscribers have access too!
  • Experiment with different styles such as slideshows, tutorials, reviews and testimonials from customers who are happy with what you’ve been able to do for them. Remember these types of videos work best when there’s a lot of customer generated content involved which is why getting their permission first is key so that you won’t get updated with the context of the video.
  • Share snippets of what you’re doing so that your followers can feel more connected to the video. Don’t be afraid to get personal and share a day in your life with them by posting links to videos about how you spend your time or upload clips from vacations when they are no longer available
  • Use Instagram Stories for quick updates on things like daily happenings, upcoming events, product launches, new deals etc. Stay away from playing games as this is not an appropriate use of their attention span.


Tutorials are also a really popular video type on social media. Using innovative visuals, there’s opportunity to teach your followers about different products and services that you offer in an engaging way that keeps them coming back for more!

When creating video tutorials for social media, make sure the content is relevant to what you’re all about. Also think about how it can be shared on different channels and platforms – from Instagram stories to Facebook live videos! When planning out a tutorial video, there are three elements that need to be considered: visuals; script; production. Let’s make an example video tutorial:

  • Choose a topic that you’re knowledgeable about and passionate about. For this example, we’ll create video tutorials for different makeup looks!
  • Prepare your script by brainstorming what tips or information you would like to share with the viewer of the tutorial
  • Determine how long the video should be in terms of production time – do not forget to account for filming and editing! Remember when creating your outline to keep it short and concise so viewers are more likely to read through it
  • Once all three elements have been considered, start shooting footage on location or at home using natural light sources such as lamps or windows where possible (remember don’t rely solely on good lighting!)

Once filming is completed, edit together to get full video length.

  • Lastly, publish video on YouTube and post to social media with a link back to your blog or website for more traffic!

In this example of creating video content for social media we will be using makeup tutorials as the topic.

For these types of videos it is important that you create an outline before filming so that viewers are able to follow along easier.

In order to make sure people read through your tutorial script, keep it short and concise by not going into too much detail. To film footage at home use natural light sources such as lamps or windows where possible but don’t rely solely on good lighting because then there might be shadows from other things in the room.

Event Videos:

Event video content is a great way to share your event with the world and you can get creative too.

For example, at an event for kids there may be arts & crafts stations which could then make interesting footage. Another idea of a type of video that would work well at events are performances or even interviews from vendors about their new products.

To produce this kind of video it’s important to have attendees sign release forms in advance so they approve being filmed without having any say in how the footage will be used. If possible try filming from different angles – if someone has their back turned while speaking always turn around when capturing them on film!

A common mistake many people make with video content is always focusing on the person talking and not including anything else. Try to have a wide shot of the event, so people can see what’s going on around them too!

Another thing that will capture your viewers’ attention is adding graphics or animation in post-production software (like Adobe After Effects).

If you want to add text into a video it works best if you use one of two methods: either by overlaying text over footage or using green screen techniques where it stands out against any background. If filming inside try making sure there are enough lamps for light sources.

It’s also worth considering how much time and money is available when creating this kind of video – some productions require more than others do which subsequently.

Q&A’s Videos for Social Media:

Q&A’s Videos are a great way to add value and offer information for your followers in a video format. Q&A’s Videos are also useful when answering any questions or queries people may have about the company, product or service you’re offering.

  • Make sure to engage with viewers so they don’t get bored – ask them questions like “What did you think of that?” while filming.
  • Keep videos short but not too long! You want it to be interesting enough without dragging on unnecessarily. Anywhere from two minutes up is good length wise.
  • Add graphics, animation and text if appropriate and sound effects as well – these will help keep viewer interest even more than before!

If there was anything else you wanted to know about video content for social media, leave a comment below!

Behind the scene Videos for Social Media:

Behind the scene Videos are the perfect way to show your followers how you work on a daily basis. You can upload videos of team members, interviews with employees and customers or even just clips from video shoots that could be funny or informative for the viewer!

Tips: – Keep these short like usual – no one wants to watch someone’s entire day at work in detail unless it’s really exciting stuff happening all the time.

– Add graphics, animation and text if appropriate and sound effects as well – these will help keep viewer interest even more than before!

If there was anything else you wanted to know about behind the scenes videos for social media leave a comment below!

Video Content Ideas:

A lot of big brands are coming out with their own videos for social media. These often involve a video of the company’s CEO explaining an issue that they are tackling at the moment, or perhaps how their business began and where it is now.

It can be really inspiring to see what people do all day in different jobs; this will help your followers understand why you’re dedicated to your work!

So many brands these days make behind-the-scenes clips on Instagram Stories – just ask any successful YouTuber like Casey Neistat about this technique. People love getting inside information from companies they follow online but don’t feel like “knowing” them intimately yet in person (or vice versa). It’s another way to show off personality while also letting viewers know more about what the company or organization does.

The benefits to this type of video content are that it can be created on a budget, is highly shareable and everyone likes watching them! Plus, they’re a great way for your business to get in touch with individuals from all over the world without actually having to travel anywhere.


Social media is all about video content these days. According to a recent study, videos make up the largest share of social media content types. The reason for this has been attributed to increased use of mobile devices and ease-of-use with short attention spans being drawn in by shorter videos on their phones.

To help you create an awesome video that captures your followers’ attention without losing them after just a few seconds, we’ve compiled some helpful tips from our experts below! How have you used any of these techniques? Let me know in the comment section below!


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