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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas in India

Eco-friendly business means attracting more customers, especially those who want to help nature and are aware of global warming and its dangers

Today, the world is facing a terrible climate change problem. This leads to the destruction of the ozone layer due to the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is very important to take this problem seriously. Otherwise, it will be disastrous for us. In order to live a sustainable life in today’s world, people must lead a lifestyle that promotes healthy lifestyles and prevents environmental pollution. The key to achieving this is to create and invest in Eco-friendly business ideas.

In this article, we present you top 5 Eco-friendly business ideas in India that will help the world in achieving its green living goals.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Business in India

There are many benefits of starting an eco-friendly business in India. With the increasing population, there has been an increased demand for clean and green environment which is being provided by the various green technologies like the use of wind, water, solar, and bioenergy. This has become one of the main concerns of people living in the cities as there are no proper avenues for gathering this kind of energy. The only alternative that can help you in this case is a windmill farm. There are several benefits of starting such farms and here are some of them:

It Could be Cheaper

If you want to run an Eco-friendly business and buying recycled materials then you can usually get the materials at a cheaper price than buying new materials. You can recycle the old material and sell it at a good range.

You Can Save Money

Another benefit of an Eco-friendly business is that it can help you save money if you use environmental measures to run your business.

For example, you can use solar panels to generate electricity, collect rainwater instead of taking water from the tap, and use reusable glasses instead of disposable glasses. There are many more ways to save money and if you use these methods then definitely you will save most of your annual bills and profit.

It’s Okay for a Business

There are lots of companies who use harmful chemicals in their products and dispose of the waste in rivers and ponds. This will really affect the environment and most consumers prefer no to buy their products.

They are tired and are moving more and more towards Eco-friendly shopping habits. This means that if you promote yourself as an Eco-friendly company and produce what you preach, then you can convince them to choose you over the competition.

Impress Investors

In addition to customers becoming more environmentally conscious and more and more investors are becoming Eco-friendly too. It means that if you do an Eco-friendly business then it’s very easy for you to find investors and raise capital when you need it.

It’s Good For Your Image

If you produce and supply Eco-friendly products then it is very beneficial for your company image. Your company image is much more rewarding than being a company that doesn’t care about the environment, or worse, actively destroys it.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas in India

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Carry Bags

The Indian government takes the important step of banning single-use plastics. They also forced all types of retailers to use Eco-friendly paper bags instead of plastic bags. As it creates lots of pollution worldwide.

18 states of India including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and many more have strictly banned the use of single plastic and if someone caught then he/she has to pay a fine.

After the ban of single-use plastic, the people of India require a large number of environmentally friendly bags every day. This is a great time for you to seize this opportunity and promote Eco-friendly products and prevent the environment with your business.

The first and key investment of the business is the Eco-friendly bags making machine. The cost of buying a machine may vary between Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 25,00,000 depending on the business scale. Additional monthly costs must be considered to purchase raw materials, rent, labor costs, and energy consumption.

Some important points related to this business

  • Certification: It is not mandatory to take any certification.
  • Products included: Eco-friendly carry bags, Paper bags, cotton bags, and biodegradable bags.
  • Primary target customers: All types of retail stores and supermarkets

Make Organic Soap

Making organic soaps is a very good business idea as it is a very simple process that does not require complex machines. The competition is very low in this industry. However, you can produce the soaps with the machinery and manpower.

Usually, most people have their fixed brand and they don’t want to change it. Therefore, you have to promote and marketize the product and explain its quality, benefits and how is it better than any other soaps.

You have to maintain its major components such as soap quality and marketing standards in order to attract customers.

The cost of buying a machine varies from Rs 70,000 to Rs 70,00,000 and the ordinary soap molds are available in the market for Rs. 500 for the production of hand soap.

Some important points related to this business

  • Certification: It is mandatory to take an organic certification
  • Products included: Different types of organic soaps
  • Primary target customers: Organic cosmetics of retail shops and supermarket

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Products

Distributing Eco-friendly household products from the manufacturer to retail stores and supermarkets is a profitable and Eco-friendly business. It is one of the best top 5 Eco-friendly business ideas in India. This Eco-friendly doesn’t require huge investment if you are into supplying then it needs around Rs. 10000 investment for purchasing initial stock and distribution of products. But, if you want to start producing Eco-friendly products for your home then it needs a high investment for machines.

The competition is also less as there are very few unpopular brands of natural and organic cleaning products in the Indian organic market.

If you are willing to invest and build your own brand then this would be beneficial for you as well as for the environment.

  • Certification: Not required for supplying but required for producing
  • Products included: Herbal kitchen cleaner, natural hand soap and handwashing liquid, toilet and bathroom cleaner, and natural floor cleaner
  • Primary target customers: Organic Shops and Supermarkets

Prepare Organic Manure or Compost

Another best Eco-friendly business idea is to make organic manure and compost. Most farmers already prepared organic manure and compost by using human excreta, animal material, decomposed plants, and vegetables. Organic fertilizer is very useful for organic farming and farmers don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides as it is bad for their land and vegetables.

Many organic or indoor growers may not have time to make their own compost. You can help them by making compost and selling them at a cheaper price.

You can start this business with less investment and space. You can sell organic compost at a good price. It does not require much time as you can start this business as a side job with very little investment. The minimum investment is nill as you can collect waste from anywhere and prepare compost from it.

In India, Panchagavya is considered as one of the best organic manure that is made up of cow urine, cow dung, water, tender coconut, milk, banana, ghee, cheese, and brown sugar.

By preparing the right Panchagavya recipe with a complete investment, you will be able to attract more organic farmers in your area.

Growing insects like worms and selling organic manure are other Eco-friendly gardening ideas. Most of the consumers use food waste compost in order to protect the environment. You can collect the waste from homes or companies and sell it to farmers or gardeners.

Some important points related to this business

  • Certification: It is mandatory to take an organic certification
  • Products included: Concentrated organic manure and bulky organic manure.
  • Primary target customers: For organic farmers and backyard growers

Sell Eco-Friendly Natural Toys for Kids

Most toys in the market are made up of plastic material. They are non-durable. They contain toxic or chemical elements that are very for kids and the environment also. But, Eco-friendly toys are made from organic and natural components. They do not contain any toxic or chemical components and are Eco-friendly and safe for kids.

These natural Eco-friendly toys are the most popular items at online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart, as parents start gives more emphasis on the health and safety of their children. It is one of the best business ideas that will also help in preventing the environment. The minimum investment required to open a store is around Rs. 50,000.

Some important points related to this business

  • Certification: It is mandatory to take an organic certification
  • Products included: Natural wooden toys for kids, babies, and toddlers
  • Primary target customers: Parents of children (4 months to 8 years)


We are the reason for global warming and environmental pollution. It is very important to do something to save the planet. Therefore, starting an Eco-friendly business is the best idea is great to start.

In addition, starting an Eco-friendly business means attracting more customers, especially those who want to help nature and are aware of global warming and its dangers.

Furthermore, obtaining government approvals, permits, grants, and loans to start an Eco-friendly business in India is much easier than other companies.

India wants to lose the shameful label of a third nation on the planet in terms of environmental pollution. Your efforts to create an Eco-friendly business can make this a reality.


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Written by Ashoke Das

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