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Top Ideas on Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration at Home

eco-friendly ganapati decoration

Are you planning to decorate your home for this year’s Ganpati Festival? As a homeowner, there are many Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas at home, which are also durable and attractive. Below, we have provided you several practical methods for this.

By using Eco-friendly decoration ideas, you can help preserve the environment and also enjoy celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. You have to follow the simple principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. If you follow these three steps, you can create your environment more green without compromising your home’s health and safety and the people who live there.

The Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration idea gradually gained importance over the years, and people started using Eco-friendly Ganesha sculptures. Apart from this, people now started taking an interest in Eco-friendly decorations. I mean, you can use fancy fabrics instead of thermocol temples. Fancy fabrics can be easily restored and reused again next year, which can also save your money. Alternatively, you can build a clay temple or a recycled paper temple to preserve the ecological statue of Ganesh without affecting the environment.

Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration Home Decor

Every house has recycled things such as clothes, accessories for bottles, towels, cardboard boxes, old papers, or napkins that can be reused for some purposes. As many of you are still going out and buying only when necessary, but this time, you have the best option to use recycled material for the Ganesh Chaturthi decoration.

You can also take your family members and friends’ help and get together during this festive season. Before buying something new and expensive, first, consider whether you need it. For example, an easy way to make more room for vacation guests is to press back an old trunk and place a mattress or pillow over it. You can decorate the headband with embroidery or cover it with the fabric of your choice. Turn old silk shirts and Kurtis into pillow covers. It can be created at little or no cost.

Like furniture, plastics, and other man-made items can be replaced with natural biodegradable materials. Traditional lamps made from clay, recycled glass, fabric, coconut shells, houseplants, and more are other Eco-friendly decor options. Energy-efficient LED lights can be used for illumination. “It can be used as a decorative element using paper and cloth as a shadow. With a little novelty, you can also replace everyday items like bottles, coconut shells, cold drink cans, etc.

Ways to Add a Festive Atmosphere to Your Ganpati Decorations

As I have already told you, there are numerous ways to turn the festive season Eco-friendly. Another way to add a festive atmosphere is to creatively decorate your home with fresh flowers like Rose, Mogra, and Marigold. In the glass bowl, you can have Floating Candles and Diyas. Coordinate the decoration color or choose a theme for your temple. For pujas, choose steel plates or mirrored trays that can be easily decorated with accessories and colorful blooms. To make Rangoli, use red earth soil, henna, turmeric, and rice powder. To make your home comfortable, clean, and refresh-able, you should use baking soda and lemon water to clean.

Do’s and Don’ts for Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration

  • Use betel nuts, small rounded pebbles, and Paint dried leaves for home decoration.
  • Use items such as bamboo, jute, colored strings, and coir rope to build a temple or throne for Ganesha sculpture. You can also use bamboo plants or banana leaves for making pillars.
  • On one wall, you can make a vertical garden for the Ganpati idol. Alternatively, you can place the Ganpati idol under a beautiful bonsai tree placed in a shallow tray illuminated with magical lights.
  • For decoration, you can use pearls, colored transparent old dupattas.
  • You can also use Coconut shells as Diyas and colored them beautifully.
  • Avoid using plastics because they are not recycled. Instead, use a cane basket to store your supplies.
  • You can also use paper or cloth bags and decorate them with beautiful mirrors or ribbons instead of plastic bags.
  • Always use bamboo plates instead of thermocol plates.
  • The bottles used can be used to make table lamps by using glue, paper, or bulb.
  • Make rangoli out of fabric flowers, discarded jewelry, pearls, and glitters.
  • Below are some cool Ganpati decoration ideas that will make your Ganeshotsav a little bit more memorable this year.

Creative Ganpati Decoration in the House

Choose this time to get creative with Ganesh Chaturthi. Plan different creative themes such as the education theme, green nature theme, or some mountain theme to make the decorations look great this year.

Decorate Ganpati With Papers and Mirror

Another best theme for Ganpati decoration is that you can decorate Ganpati pandal with colored papers and mirrors. Without a doubt, creativity shows itself best on paper! So, grab your colorful papers from your closed shelves and create some flawless floral designs and shapes, then decorate them with mirrors to add beauty to your creativity, this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Decorate the Ganpati Pandal With Lotus Theme

How about a stunning lotus theme in Ganpati’s home decor? The lotus theme for Ganpati at the Ganesh Chaturthi festival is exquisite and elegant. You can use colored paper for making flowers and decorate them on the wall.

Ganpati Thermocol and Makhar Decoration Idea

Another idea of Ganapathi decor is to decorate with thermocol. You can paint beautiful flowers on the thermocol using the fluorescent color sheet to make it attractive. Creating colored flowers with a thermocol on this Ganpati festival can attract the guests and appreciate your creativity.

Decorate House With Cardboard

Decorate your house with cardboards or mount boards in this Ganpati festival. Create an innovative design like a Ganpati darbar by using cardboards. Create a beautiful and attractive design darbar for the Ganpati idol. To make it look unique, then use light colors when coloring or decorating the Darbar. Alternatively, you can decorate it with a dupatta. This is a simple and innovative Ganesh Chaturthi decorative theme.

Ganpati Decoration With Lilies

Decorate your home or Ganpati pandal with these beautiful white paper lilies. Yes, these beautiful white lilies made of paper made your home or Ganpati pandal look amazing. Decorate Ganpati with white Lily paper in the background. The complete installation of the Ganpati pandal with white lilies in the decoration is safe. This setup will also attract the attention of visitors!

Decorate Ganpati With Paper Pinwheels and Light Bulbs

Colorful and eye-catching paper pinwheels are a great idea in making your Ganpati look attractive. Most children play with pinwheels, apart from playing and throwing after usage. You can use this beautiful paper creativity in Ganpati decoration. It will add beauty, and if you add some light, then no one can beat your imagination in Ganpati decor ideas.

Decorate Your House With Threads

Decorate your Home with reels and threads. For Ganpati decoration, this is one of the simple but creative ideas because you only have to use different colored reels or threads to decorate your Home good looking and attractive.

Decorate Ganpati With Lights at Home

This idea is for busy people as if they don’t have time to decorate their Home for Ganesh Chaturthi, then decorating with lights on the back wall is a great idea. Lightning is already playing an important role in Ganesh Chaturthi, and if you decorate your home and Ganpati pandal with lights, this will feel great. There are many lighting options available on the market today. You can use fairy lights or LED lights, and the choice is yours! With the theme of lightning decoration, Ganesh Chaturthi will add positive vibes to the atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Ganpati Decoration

Go Green! This is the motto we usually hear these days. So why not choose this theme on the outskirts of Ganesh? Sure, you can plan a 100% sustainable theme with plants, stems, herbs, bamboo sticks, and green leaves. This theme means to use biodegradable or Eco-friendly material for the decoration, and using plant-based material is something great. Also, It will add freshness to the atmosphere.

Decorating Ganpati Darbar With Flowers

Another best decoration idea is to create garland strands with the use of flowers and plant sticks. It is indeed simple but, at the same time, a beautiful notion of welcoming Ganpati to your Home this year. Just create a stand with the sticks by joining them with glue or tapes. Put some marigold flowers on it and place the Ganesha idol at the center of it. That’s it; you have an eye-catching decoration that will look amazing and better than the products available in the market.

Ganpati Decorations With Peacock Feathers

You can also use peacock feathers to make your Ganpati decorations look attractive. This is an awesome Ganesh Chaturthi decorative theme where you can use cardboard made peacock cut along with the real peacock feathers. You can use pearls and beads to decorate the peacock and its feathers to make it look great.

Ganpati Decoration With Banana Leaves and Flowers

Decorating your Home with flowers is quite common but using banana leaves is something different. It is time to decorate your Home with flowers and banana leaves. This innovative combination of banana leaves and flowers is perfect for welcoming Lord Ganesha into your Home. Use this simple combination and easily decorate your Home and Ganpati pandal.

Decorate Ganpati With Beads Sticks

Well, Ganpati beads are the most loved and easy to use decorative theme for design ideas. Decorating with beads around the edges of the Ganesha murti is a great decorating option.

Decorate Ganpati With POM Poms and Beads

Last but not least, you can use pom-poms and beads to decorate your Home and Ganpati darbar beautifully. Decorate the back wall of the Ganpati Darbar with different colors of beads. All this decoration will create feelings of happiness and positivity in the time of Ganesh Chaturthi.


In this article, you will find some Eco-friendly Ganpati Decoration Ideas at Home. But, there are many more ideas that can make your Ganpati decoration wonderful. By using Eco-friendly products, you will help in preserving nature from plastic products. So, it would be best if you had some creative mind and some reusable biodegradable products to decorate your Home or Ganesh darbar. I hope you will like my article and if you have any more decoration ideas, then please let me know in the comment section. I will surely post it in another article.


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Written by Ashoke Das

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