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The Top 3 Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Batteries in India

Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Batteries in India

Over the years, many amazing inventions have come up that have attracted a lot of attention from the technology industry. However, one of the most striking inventions that are used almost everywhere is batteries. Talking about batteries, then rechargeable batteries are one of the great options to have.

It is a rechargeable battery that allows you to use mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. They are much more convenient, and we never throw them when they are out of juice. If you have children in your house and they have toys, then you mostly throw their batteries because of their single usage. So, if you want a battery that will last longer than buy new rechargeable batteries and use them for a longer period. By doing this, you can save lots of money and also prevent our environment by not throwing waste every time.

However, if you have ever searched for the best Eco-friendly rechargeable batteries, then you will find that there are so many brands out there in the market. Don’t worry; we have provided the best three Eco-friendly rechargeable batteries below. Before we begin, first, we understand the benefits of rechargeable batteries.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Batteries

In this day and age when our world is continually threatened with the destruction of its natural resources, it is important to make the choice to use rechargeable batteries instead of the conventional ones. Rechargeable batteries are those which can be recharged. The major advantage of using these types of batteries over their non-rechargeable counterparts is that the rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly unlike the non-rechargeables which need to be replaced after every few uses. Rechargeable batteries can also be used for cars, golf carts, hand phones, and motorcycles among many other various applications. One of the major disadvantages of using these batteries however is the cost, which can sometimes be quite high when compared to that of the non-rechargeable batteries.

Save Money

If you use them properly, it can be used for a longer time. It is a bit expensive, but it works 100 times more than normal batteries.

Save Resources

The rechargeable batteries can be used more than 100 times. That means, fewer batteries are produced (and shipped) than disposable batteries. These batteries consume 23 times less non-renewable natural resources than disposable ones.

Protecting the Environment

Most people are unaware of the environmental impact done by disposable batteries. Lots of metals, corrosive materials, and other harmful chemicals, combined with improper disposal, are bad news for the environment. Talking about Eco-friendly rechargeable batteries, they have 30 times less impact on air pollution, 28 times less impact on global warming, nine times less effect on air acidification, and 12 times less on water pollution. By this, you will understand the importance of rechargeable batteries. Also, only rechargeable batteries are accepted for recycling rather than disposable ones.


Rechargeable batteries perform much better than disposable ones, especially in high applications. Also, we can recharge them and use them again and again.

Large Capacity AA Rechargeable Battery

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  1. The package includes 4 or 8 pre-charged AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries. It depends on your choice.
  2. These are high capacity batteries for personal and business use.
  3. You can use these batteries for up-to 100 times.
  4. You can use these batteries for up-to 100 times.
  5. Included: 8 AA batteries

AmazonBasics AA batteries are some of the best Eco-friendly rechargeable batteries as they are best for daily use. You will get up-to 2000mAh of a large capacity battery that will last for a longer time. Batteries are pre-charged and charge efficiently.

These batteries guarantee long service life. They can give you maximum service than regular batteries. These rechargeable batteries retain up to 70 per cent capacity for six months. You can charge these batteries hundreds of times without losing ability. It is very simple to charge them. Just plug it in via USB, and it charges the battery. For this, you will have to buy a battery charger to charge these batteries.

These Amazonbasics batteries are lovely and excellent. These batteries are best for use in any device. However, they might lose their capacity after extended use. Overall, these are excellent batteries for those looking for the best rechargeable batteries on the market.


  1. Brand: AmazonBasics
  2. Battery Type (s): AA
  3. Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  4. Service Life: For up-to 3 years
  5. Included: 8 AA batteries
  • Maintain constant charge
  • These batteries are pre-charged
  • The battery lasts for several months once charged
  • It started losing its capacity after prolonged use

Panasonic Battery Eneloop pro 2550 Mah Battery + Smart Battery Charger

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  1. Panasonic Eneloop batteries can also work in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.
  2. They can easily maintain up-to 85% of charge after 1 year of usage.
  3. They are 2550mAh type, Ni MH pre-charged Eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.
  4. They are best for digital cameras, LED torch light, portable radio battery-powered toys, radio control cars, e.t.c.
  5. When the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically detects and shuts down.
  6. These batteries can be recharged up to 500 times before losing capacity.
  7. The charger has a quick charge facility that can fully charge all 4 batteries in 4 hours.

Panasonic battery Eneloop pro is one of the best rechargeable batteries for its superior quality. These batteries will last longer and give the best performance. It can be used for more than 100 times. You will find the usage and durability of these batteries. They can be recharged up-to 500 times. So, use them a number of times without any problem.

The Panasonic Eneloop comes with a large capacity of 2550mAh that provides you with excellent quality battery life lasting ten years. They have the capacity to work for more than ten years without any usage. It comes with a charger that will help you to charge these batteries. It comes with four locations and is equipped with automatic battery detection technology. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will turn off to prevent overheating.

Overall, this Panasonic battery Eneloop pro is one of the best due to the size of this set. You can use these batteries for years, making them a great option for saving the environment. The only real problem you may face is that they are not made for all devices.


  1. Brand: Eneloop
  2. Battery Type (s): AA
  3. Service life: 500 times
  4. Includes: 4 AA batteries and charger
  • Useful even after years of usage.
  • Helps in preventing the environment.
  • Not suitable for all devices.

Energizer Rechargeable Battery

Energizer Rechargeable Battery

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  1. Charging is quick and takes up to 1 hour to fully charge.
  2. The charger does not overheat when the battery is fully charged.
  3. Your battery will operate at maximum performance for a maximum of 1000 charge cycles.

Energizer is one of the most reputed brands, and these rechargeable batteries are one of its great product in the market. It is because it helps in protecting the environment by its multiple time usages for long years. They take place in the top 10 positions, and they are remarkably perfect. There are perfectly do their job and their reputation in the top lists.

The package includes two AA batteries and a charger that quickly charges the battery. You will love the design of the charger. It has four-compartment for the batteries to get charges at a time. It will fully charge the batteries in an hour. Also, the charger turns off when the battery is fully charged to prevent overheating. It has a very good feature of tracing bad batteries as it can alert you when you put a bad battery into it.

Talking about batteries then it can be used for a longer period and can be charged up up-to 1000 times. Energizer batteries are great batteries that will last a long time. These batteries come with a 1300 mAh of large capacity, which is quite impressive. You may not want to because after about 500 charge cycles, they will start losing their capacity. Overall, these batteries are good.


  1. Brand: Energizer
  2. Battery Type (s): AA
  3. Service life: 1000 cycles
  4. Includes: 2 AA batteries and charger
  • Holds charge for a long time.
  • The charger comes quick charging facility.
  • None


In this article, we have provided you best 3 Eco-friendly rechargeable batteries and their benefits. There are lots of non-rechargeable batteries we used in our daily life and after usage, we throw them. They contain corrosive materials and harmful chemicals that are very harmful to the environment as well. But most of you didn’t realize the negative impact of these single-use batteries. So, using Eco-friendly batteries can help in preserving the environment and also save our lot of money. So, from next time, buy only rechargeable batteries and enjoy their use. So, if you have any questions left then let me know in the comment section.


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Written by Ashoke Das

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