Green Jobs in India: Trending Sectors for Trainee

green jobs in India

Today, India is making an effort to develop green jobs for itself. It is realizing the importance of green jobs in terms of combating global warming and climate change. There are many projects that are going on in the field of sustainable development which is trying to create green jobs for the future. But still many people are unaware about the kind of opportunities one can get from green jobs in India.

But before looking at the job opportunities in India, it is important to understand what exactly green jobs are. A green job is defined as any job that is going forward in the direction that is friendly to nature. But green jobs are also distinctly different from traditional sectors in India. Traditional sectors such as agriculture, small-scale industries, and construction are going forward with no changes or alteration in their functioning. But on the other hand, green jobs are distinctly different as they are influenced by both tradition and modernity.

The green economy of India has the potential to develop into one of the leading economies in the world. In the current scenario, the development of the economy is being led by traditional sectors such as small-scale farming, construction, and petro-chemicals. But in near future, the green jobs in India can play a major role in shaping the economic development of the country. This is because the present economy of India has been largely influenced by the traditional economy, which has grown over the past few decades.

What is Green Jobs?

In light of today’s situation, humanity must speed up the shift toward a global decarbonized economy that respects the environment for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Such a transition can not only halt climate change but to become an effective driver of economic development around the world by building a number of green jobs in many sectors, something which has been taking place steadily in developing and emerging economies over the past couple of decades. Green jobs can be built in a broad range of industries, from transportation, to energy, to waste management, sustainable agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. As these industries expand and industrialization occurs at a faster pace, more people will need training in these green careers to help them transition into these new careers.

Criteria for Green Jobs in India

India is one of the most promising countries which offers various kinds of jobs. One of the main reasons for this is that India is not just about BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) services, and E-commerce jobs but it also has something to offer for the likes of IT professionals, doctors, and many more specialized job profiles.

If you are seeking employment in the green jobs industry, there are a few different types that you may be interested in pursuing. There is the basic environmental career, which usually involves researching and implementing new methods for preserving and bettering the environment. There is also the green jobs’ category that focuses on fields such as geology, which often requires someone to find and install new geothermal power stations and other renewable energy facilities on their own. Then there is the healthcare industry, which requires its employees to wear green scrubs clothing when doing their job because green cleaning products and procedures are usually used. If these interests sound right for you, it might be time to begin exploring the various green career options available to you.

Importance of Green Jobs in India

Today, there is a great need for skilled and trained professionals in the field of green technology. Green Jobs will bring in more job opportunities for people with degrees in Green Technology and thus will increase employment opportunities. There are many reasons why green jobs in India are very important. Some of the reasons are as follows:

It is expected that there will be huge demand for skilled professionals with green-job experience in coming years. The major reason is the increase in demand for trained youth with advanced skills in using advanced green technologies.

Most of these youth are coming from underdeveloped countries like India where most of the population is below the age of 18 and lack of proper education facilities prevents them from getting proper jobs. In order to fill up all the available jobs for these technologically advanced youth coming from underdeveloped countries, there will be a great requirement of graduates and skilled professionals in the field of green jobs in India. These graduates can get jobs in multinationals or start their own small-scale manufacturing units that use advanced green technologies.

Another reason as to why are green jobs important is because these jobs reduce the environmental impact on the global environment.

As many governments around the world are now beginning to focus on the importance of creating economic sectors that use efficiency and green technologies, companies located in developing countries can also take advantage of this emerging business trend.

It is a fact that if the economic sectors based on efficiency and environmental sustainability are expanded then the natural resources and air that we breathe will be protected. As more companies start using efficient and Eco-friendly technologies, the demand for labor in these underdeveloped economies will increase which will then create more jobs.

What are the most important reasons to get training in Green Jobs?

The most important reason is that green careers help to promote a better quality of life. The increased prosperity and quality of life that people enjoy as a result of having training in green skills gives them the incentive to participate in community activities, take responsibility for their own health, and get involved in making the world a better place for future generations. In fact, a recent study showed that having a master’s degree in green technology or green careers such as environmental technologies, ecology, and conservation gave an average family nearly $1000 more in income!

What are some examples of youth careers that may interest?

Some youth careers focus on restoring habitat and promoting healthy ecosystems. This could include youth conservation officers helping local and state agencies to conserve water and natural resources. Another example of a great Eco-friendly career is being a youth pastor. Youth pastors are the keystone of the green job movement and play an important role in the preservation and revitalization of our ecosystems.

Types of Green Jobs in India

Green jobs in India provides an excellent opportunity for the foreign investors to set up their own business in India. The skilled professionals from the third world countries have got so much opportunity to earn a decent living in India. There are various types of green jobs in India such as; forestry, fishing, Tourism, Paper Mills, packaging and paper products, Engineering, Chemicals, Food processing, Pulp and Paper, Auto trade, Timber and Paper, Coffee and Tea, Tourism in Kerala, Towns, and Cities, and many more. So you can find a job according to your taste and knowledge level with these jobs in India.

1. Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientist


Environmental scientist is one who studies the effects of present environmental conditions on the natural systems that exist within a person’s habitat. Environmental scientists are engaged by many different organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Parks Service, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Academy of Sciences, in order to collect, record, analyze, reproduce, prepare, and disseminate scientific research and data related to the causes of, mitigation of, and prevention of the adverse effects of environmental hazards.

Educational Qualification:

For Entry Level:  Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering or in related field.

For Advance Level: Master’s degree in above mentioned field.

2. Water Quality Technician


Water Quality Technician

There are many reasons why hiring a water quality technician is important. Technicians are trained to detect problems with city water supplies, such as E. coli, nitrates, and nitrites, which can cause illness in the home. They can also check for lead in drinking water, which is especially important for young children and pregnant women. These technicians test for chromium, hardness, sediment, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals that can be found in the tap water. City water can also have traces of prescription drugs in it, but testing for these is not required unless you are serviced by a municipality.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree in biology, Chemistry, Environmental science, Microbiology or related field and water analysis /  Environmental Analysis diploma course.

3. Mechanical Engineers

With an ever-growing need for qualified mechanical engineering professionals, there are a number of different mechanical engineer jobs available around the world. A mechanical engineer job description typically includes the following areas: Mechanical Drafting Engineer – This individual is responsible for designing and constructing mechanical systems that will be used in manufacturing; such as pumps, engines, and machinery. They are also responsible for making sure that these systems are reliable and efficient, and are involved in the creation of new materials and designs for future projects.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

4. Electric Car Engineers

Before you begin your research into becoming an electric car engineer, there are some things that you need to know in order for you to make a good choice. First of all, the basic qualifications are Engineering, Mechanical, or Computer Engineering, all three of which will be covered in depth by most institutions. However, it is vital that you understand the different areas of a car’s controls, the flow of air or fuel through the system, and how these factors interact with each other, in order to fully comprehend the job of an electric car engineer.

5. Green Design Architects

Green Designers is in charge of developing sustainable and Eco-friendly building schemes. They constantly take a step at improving viable green design strategies that leave a minimal impact on the environment. Green jobs in India for green design architects give a substantial raise to green building practices globally. They can thus advance towards a more environmentally responsible lifestyle while enjoying employment in an exciting field.

Educational Qualification:

Graduate in Architecture or in related field.

6. Environmental Law


Environmental Law

Environmental lawyers generally concentrate on legal issues dealing with a broad spectrum of environmental concerns, from water and air quality to wild and endangered species conservation. They engage in legal disputes to prevent environmental harm, force waste removal, enforce environmental regulations, or compensate people for damage caused by environmental pollution, toxins, or contamination. A number of environmental law firms also provide environmental consulting services to help businesses and government agencies to achieve efficient environmental policy and planning. This type of law has specializations in many areas such as hazardous waste, clean energy, environmental justice, environmental law enforcement, environmental toxicology, and bio-environmental law.

Educational Qualification:

Graduate in Law.

7. Recycling Coordinator

The Recycling Coordinator acts directly with the county as consumer base through phone, on-site visits, community events, trade shows, and outreach programs to educate them about proper recycling practices to enhance the state of recycled materials received in the County of Recycling Centers. If you are looking for a rewarding, high-paying job that focuses on green jobs for recycling coordinator there are only a few jobs that fit this description. One is the recycling coordinator within the county, this position requires no formal education or training and is extremely easy to obtain. Other County public employment may require certification or licensing but this is not necessary for recycling coordinator.

8. Solar Energy Engineers

Solar energy technology is a rapidly developing field in India. India is becoming a world leader in solar technology research and development, with many solar panel installations coming onto the market every day. It can be difficult for an individual engineer in India to find a job, due to the shortage of qualified professionals. However, there are steps one can take to ensure that he or she is able to secure a position with a leading electrical and information technology (IIT) company here in India. A Solar Energy Engineer in India can work for a variety of electrical companies, as well as providing sub-contractor work to smaller companies.

There are a few basic skills that all solar energy engineers must possess in order to perform their duties successfully. For example, by carefully reviewing resumes, the manager was able to identify the most common traits for someone in this role. He also found that most resumes listed above average initiative, communication skills, and math skills. By adding computer software to the mix, the manager realized that his team was able to use a solar panel system designs more effectively, and reduce costs associated with installation of the solar energy panels.

9. Transport Engineers

Would you like to know more about Transport Engineers? Transportation Engineers are responsible for managing and operating the transport systems of a construction site. The most common types of transportation they work with are: Oil & Gas, Logistics, Consumer Products, Energy, Automotive, Shipping, and Warehousing. They also help maintain the systems used to support these different types of transportation. You might be wondering how Transport Engineers get their jobs?

Do you know that some Transport Engineers are involved in many aspects of our lives, from civil engineering to building and planning to environmental engineering? Transport engineers are constantly designing new transportation methods and systems and trying to keep our world running smoothly. In India, they’re involved in everything from bridges, airports, toll roads, motorways, bridges, two tunnels, sanitation systems, electronic railway lines, high-speed rail lines, power generation, water transportation, aerospace applications, automotive applications, and just about everything else you can imagine! Transport engineers can work in many different cities around the world. They’re responsible for keeping the transportation systems are moving, and making sure people have easy access to everything they need to get from point A to point B.

As you can see, it’s very exciting engineering at its best. There are many different jobs available and Transport Engineers are among the highest paid. Whether you’re interested in working on a large construction project or just helping to design a new bridge or tunnel, you’ll be happy to know that Transport Engineering jobs are plentiful and looking. Just remember: this is only one place where you can find transportation engineering jobs!

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

10. Green Information Technology Engineers

Green Information Technology Jobs is in great demand in the IT industry and across the world. There is a severe need for professionals who use green technologies in the IT industry and the need for such professionals is on the rise. Green IT professionals can help companies save money and the environment at the same time. They use technology that reduces waste, generates less waste, and creates less waste than traditional technologies. Companies that embrace green technologies and programs will gain competitive advantages and in turn generate revenue by increasing the quality of their services, products, and information.

Green Information Technology Jobs in India is also increasing rapidly with companies on the verge of expansion venturing into new markets, but in a number of countries around the world, like India, the government has put measures in place to ensure that the needs of the people are fulfilled before these companies set up shop. At present, there is a great deal of focus on the need for businesses and organizations to implement practices to reduce the effects of electronic waste that is a by product of increased development. With the increased emphasis on green information technology, let UIS help you minimize your environmental impact through sustainable computing.

There is great demand for green information technology professionals because many of these professionals have backgrounds in the field of environmental engineering or information technology. It is possible for an information technology professional to work in the following sectors: government, education, non-profit, and corporate. Green IT jobs allow the individual to work in the best environments while simultaneously improving the quality of life. Organizations and companies that embrace information technology need to adopt approaches to reduce greenhouse emissions, and one of the best ways is through sustainable computing.


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