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The Definitive Guide on How to Go Viral on Pinterest in No Time

Go Viral on Pinterest

Would you like to go viral on Pinterest but have no idea how? This article is a deep dive into the ways that you can go viral on Pinterest in no time!

The first thing to know about going viral on Pinterest is that it’s not just about what content you’re posting. It also has a lot to do with the images and links that you use.

When someone pins your content, they are able to link back to any other website of their choosing. If this website happens to be one where others are engaged in similar interests, then there’s a good chance those people will see your post as well.

This blog post includes 11 steps for going viral quickly on Pinterest which include being strategic with which boards or topics.

Benefits of Go Viral on Pinterest

  • Increase your follower base
  • Brand recognition
  • Build authority as a content creator
  • Reach more people and influence them with the information you provide.

When you go viral on Pinterest, it’s like having an army at your disposal! You can reach many more individuals when they see that what you’re recommending is being shared by others just like them. This increases their likelihood of believing in what you have to say because they’ll feel connected to both the topic and the person who created it. So how do I get started? Let’s find out!

How to Setup Pinterest Account that go viral:

Make sure, switch your account from personal to business so that you can access all the analytics and grow a following while also keeping things private.


Pinterest Profile Setting:

Name of Pinterest Account: One thing you should never do on a professional social media account is use your personal name. If you’re not already using it, just think about how confusing and off-putting that would be to readers.

Profile Description: Be sure to make your Pinterest description sound professional. In it, you should include a little about yourself (if you are a brand) and what your website/page is all about.

Profile Image: Be recognizable and personable on social media. Posting a picture of your face is the best way to do this! Plus, people will be more likely to follow you than just some generic company page if they can see who it’s coming from.

Add Website and Claim it: Pinterest has made it easier for you to see your analytics by letting you claim one website. Once claimed, Pinterest will provide information on the Pins that are published and shared from this site as well as all of the data about other people’s pins being created with images taken from your web pages!

Next thing you have to do is Dashboard Settings of Pinterest Account.

Dashboard settings:

One of the best ways you can increase your engagement on Pinterest is by organizing boards based around specific topics, like fashion or DIY projects. Create relevant boards so that readers are more likely to engage with them! Make sure not just drop all pins in one board because it will be difficult for people follow what they’re looking at if there’s no organization.

How to set up your Pinterest Board:

“Setting up your Pinterest Board is a lot like setting up your bedroom. You might have the best intentions to keep it clean and organized, but before you know it, clothes are strewn everywhere with shoes on top of them and your favorite sweatshirt hanging from the lamp.”  

“The point is that how you set up your board can make all the difference in determining how well you’re able to use it – so take some time to think about what kind of person you are and what types of pins will reflect that personality.” 

“If for example, you post every day about fashion trends then maybe consider using boards like ‘My Style’ or ‘Style Inspiration.’ If not, try starting out with something more general.

To setup Pinterest Board you have to focus on your targeting and audience.


You should target people who are interested in the topic or niche you’re posting about, so that they see your content when they search for it. You can use Pinterest’s built-in tools to find keywords related to your boards or pins, but if you have a specific page on another website then using Google Adwords Keyword Tool would be best! You need a lot of traffic before Pinterest will show off your work as “trending” which is why this step is important.

Audience: To make sure your Board matches what your Target Audience might be looking for, follow these steps below:

Create an account with Pinterest Account Manager at Free Social Media Tools – free social media tools.

audience growth

Create a Board ‍- pick the best category (Niche) that matches your target audience.

Add all of the content you want to share on this board with other people – for example, if you’re in the fashion industry then add images and links related to clothes and accessories. If it’s an article about cats, then post photos of cats plus any cat videos or articles.

Images: “Viral” is defined as something going popular very quickly because many people share it at once! The main way one video becomes viral is when someone shares it repeatedly until others also see it and start sharing it too.

Guide on How to Go Viral on Pinterest:

After setup your Pinterest Profile and Dashboard, there are a few things you should do. The steps are as follow:

Visually appealing Image and Videos for Pinterest Pin:

Here are some things to think about when considering the visuals of your content:

  • The first step in creating a visually appealing image is to make sure that the photo has good lighting and is well-composed.
  • Once you have taken your photo, edit it using Photoshop or another editing software.
  • If you are uploading an existing image from your phone, be aware of what’s in the background – if there are people or animals in the picture, try to crop them out.
  • Play around with Instagram filters until you find one that will work best for your content.
  • Add text over your images! You can use either a free font on Pinterest or download one onto your computer (make sure they’re compatible with the size of the image).
  • You want your pins to have the right dimensions. The preferred aspect ratio is 2:3 or 1:2:8. Your minimum width should be 600 pixels and maximum 735 pixels, but don’t make them too long because they will get cut off!

It never hurts to try out a program like Canva that has templates for free if you’re not comfortable with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator- it’s easy enough even beginners can use!

Add a Description of the Pin:

Crafting a description for your pins is key in getting them to be seen. Write an engaging and keyword-optimized paragraph with 500 characters or less, making sure that people can find the most important information at the beginning of it so they don’t have to scroll through everything else you’ve written.


Making a great pin that really gets your point across isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are some quick tips to help you get started: Use tags related to the post and don’t use more than 20 hashtags, because if you’re using too many they could ban your account! (And nobody wants that!) To finish off your description, just remember to add a link – keep this directly related with what’s in the photo of course.


In order to stand out from the competition on Pinterest, you need to upload as often and as much content that your account has. Uploading an appealing image at least five times a day will raise the chances of attracting more followers. The easiest way for users with busy lives is by scheduling their posts directly through Pinterest’s website; simply select ‘Publish at A Later Date’ when creating post rather than selecting “publish immediately”.

Engage with Other users:

Engaging with other users is important for social media. You will have a more engaged following if you spend time engaging on others’ profiles, too! If your niche interests them, then it’s worth checking out their pages and interacting with the people there to make sure they know about what you’re doing as well.

It might also be helpful to go through your competitors’ accounts just so that those who are interested in both of us can see our content easily enough without having any overlap. Whenever someone replies or interacts with my posts, I always want thank them back because I appreciate when they take interest in my work even though we don’t follow each other yet – everyone deserves some love nowadays!”


So now that you know the secrets to go viral on Pinterest in no time, it’s your turn. Try out these tips and see how they work for you! Let me know what happens by commenting below – I’d love to hear about your experience with going viral on Pinterest or any other social media platform.

Remember, trying something new is never a bad thing so don’t be afraid of experimenting!




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