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Monetize Unused Domains with these Creative Ideas

Monetize Unused Domains

Do you have any unused domains lying around? You should monetize them with these creative ideas! Many people will often register a domain, but never use it for anything. This is usually because they don’t know how to Monetize Unused Domains. With these Creative Ideas you can monetize it easily.

Domain parking is a way for you to monetize unused domains that are on your domain. You can park your domains with companies such as Sedo Parking, Parklogic, or The Parking Place and make money off of the traffic they receive from people looking for information about your company or products. Domain parking is an easy way to use what would otherwise be wasted resources to earn some extra income without having to do anything else!

What does it mean to “Park” a domain?

Parking a domain is an easy way to protect your valuable domains for the future.

What does it mean to park a domain? Parking, as defined by, means “to put (something) aside temporarily.” This definition applies well when thinking about parking domains because you are putting them away from public use so that they may not be taken up or used in other ways before their current owner has a chance to do what he/she wants with them!

How to earn money by parking a domain?

This is a question that I get asked all the time.

One of my clients has been looking for ways to make money by parking his domain name and he’s come up with an interesting solution: sell advertising instead!

It seems like such an easy concept, but it can be lucrative if done right. One way you could do this would be to take advantage of Google AdSense ads or some other advertisement platform on your site or blog – they aren’t hard to set up and google will provide everything you need in order for them work smoothly. I will discuss that topic on some other day! Today, I will discuss some ready to use domain parking platforms here!

In order to make money through domain parking, you need a domain name that is yours. You can opt in with one of the best providers like Godaddy cash parking or Name-drive and many others out there where you create an account, add your domains names and point them to their DNS.

Now here I mention a list of Domain Parking Provider through which you can earn some cash!!

12 Best Platform to Monetize Unused Domains:

How to Make Money From Your Empty Website You probably have a website that is not being utilized at all. With so many websites out there, it’s hard for any one site to stay up and running the whole time. That means you’re left with an empty store waiting patiently in cyberspace, just waiting for someone like me or you to come around and make some money off of them while they are idle!

Here are the 12 best domain parking monetization platforms in no order of preference.

Bodis Domain Parking

Bodis is the best way to make money from your unused parked domains. They put relevant ads on these domains and pay you a share in the revenue, which they usually do within 7 days after each month cycle has ended. The real-time tracking system lets users keep track of their domain’s financial progress as well as whether or not it was sold off for some quick cash!

Bodis helps people earn money by placing relevant advertisements on their unoccupied web pages while also paying them shares in fees that are made every time an ad appears on one of those sites.

Sedo Domain Parking

Are you tired of working hard to make a decent paycheck? Sedo Domain Parking is an online domain parking and monetization service that lets you buy and park domains at the touch of your fingertips. With just one purchase, it’s easy for anyone with some spare cash lying around to turn their idea into money!

Afternic co inc Domain Parking

Afternic’s domain parking and monetization platform is a great way for site owners to make money while they are not using their sites.

GoDaddy Domain Parking (Cash Parking)

Park your domain name and earn up to 80% of the revenue generated from ads. You can start earning money with GoDaddy’s Cash Parking service today!

Above.Com Domain Parking is a domain monetization service that lets you park your unused domains to earn revenues from them while leaving the work of running an online business up to someone who knows what they’re doing.

ParkingCrew.Com Domain Parking

ParkingCrew is a domain monetization system that features an impressive array of tools to ensure you earn the most possible for your domains. With its built-in search options and functions, ParkingCrew automatically optimizes performance through keyword relevance, country based marketing campaigns, all while giving users complete control over their domains with the best customer service around!

ParkLogic.Com Domain Parking

ParkLogic is a company that specializes in the domain management and monetization service. It also provides various tools for optimizing domains, as well as parking services to its customers.

SmartName.Com Domain Parking

SmartName has stood out among the rest and termed as one of the best domain name parking services. It offers a wide variety of tools to aid in monetizing your parked domains including SEO, Adwords, Google Analytics integration powered by universal analytics API that make it easy for anyone with little or no experience running campaigns on these platforms to get started quickly.

RockMedia.Net Domain Parking

This you must consider because it has numerous years in the domain industry making them achievers of loads of experience. According to, Rookmedia is first in parking services from 2012 onwards and continuing through today’s date!

TheParkingPlace.Com Domain Parking

The Parking Place is a domain monetization service that offers users an opportunity to profit from their unused domains. You can put your parked domains up for advertising and earn revenue shares based on leads generated by the advertisements of those domains, which means you don’t have to wait around for someone else to buy it in order make money off of them!

DomainAdvertising.Com Domain Parking

Domain Advertising is a domain traffic monetization program designed to help you earn more revenues from your domains.

DomainSponsor.Com Domain Parking

DomainSponsor is a technological innovation in domain parking that uses an advanced keyword optimization technology to figure out the best keywords for every single individual domain category.

What Next?

A domain name is a vital asset for any business. It’s how people find your company, and it can be worth millions of dollars in future success-or failure. Traffic to the page provides revenue through Ads that are displayed on it. However, without traffic there will not be income generated from them so generating traffic becomes paramount if you want monetize or sell your website at some point down the line.”

A domain name is essential when starting out with a new venture as this allows potential customers to know who they should contact about their products/services among other things like where they’re located which means developing one into something profitable isn’t just all talk but necessary action.. Your websites value goes up according to its popularity online because more visitors help generate money!


After reading this blog post, you should know how to monetize your unused domains. Whether it be through an affiliate website or by selling them on Flippa, there are plenty of ways for domain owners to generate revenue from their unused domains.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about which methods work best and why!


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