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15 Best Online Freelance Jobs for Students

Online Freelance Jobs for Students

Freelancing is a great way to earn extra money. It allows you to make your own schedule and work from home or anywhere in the world! Freelance jobs for students are an excellent opportunity for those who need flexible hours, want to work with their hands, or just need some spending money. However, finding a freelance job can be difficult sometimes; especially if you’re looking online. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 15 best Online Freelance jobs for Students so that you can find the perfect one for you!

You don’t have to be at the office in order to get a job. In fact, there are lots of opportunities for those who work from home every day and can find enough time between classes or studying. From writing articles about current events (like this one!) all the way up to managing social media profiles on various websites, these jobs could provide some extra income that will help cover your expenses during college while also giving you experience with working online- which is likely where most people’s careers take off nowadays anyways!

Which is the best online job for students?

There are a lot of great online jobs for students! You can find pretty much any type of job you want, from customer service and content writing to web design or coding. It all depends on your skillset and what you’re looking for in the work.

What is my first step if I’m interested in Freelancing?

The first step is to find a type of freelance work that interests you. Then, do some research on how much potential employers in the field typically pay for someone with your skillset and level of experience.

What is my second step if I’m interested in Freelancing?

The next step would be to make a list of all the people who might hire you as an Online Freelancer. Think about any connections or friends-of-friends who may know someone looking for help! After you’ve got your list compiled, start sending out messages telling them what kind of freelancer they can contact when they need assistance!

Isn’t it difficult to find online jobs for students?

No, it’s not difficult to find Online Freelance Jobs for Students. In the past few years there has been an explosion of companies looking for freelancers from all backgrounds and experience levels.

What is some advice about finding job opportunities?

If your goal is to get a full-time career in freelance work, then you should aim at building up enough history on sites like Upwork or Fiverr so that employers can see your track record with reviews and testimonials! You might also want to consider establishing yourself as valuable outside of these platforms by writing guest posts for blogs or joining communities online where people are talking about topics related to what you do best.

15 High paying Online Freelance Jobs for Students:

Students are like to join those freelance jobs those are high paying .

So, I am going to show 15 high paying Online Freelance Jobs for Students.

The most rewarding experience you can have in life is that of being able to support yourself financially with your work. So it’s no surprise that many people are doing side freelance jobs or moonlighting during the day while they go to school at night and trying their best to make sure that they’re not just living off student loans!

For some students getting a job doesn’t happen right away so if you want something more than what your college degree will provide then this list has plenty of great opportunities for you.

Content Writer:

Want to get paid for doing your homework? You can work form anywhere and computer can go and get paid for writing content. You have to stay updated with the latest trends in your field but if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash this job is great!

The pay rate varies depending on how much work someone has submitted, so it might be worth looking into if you don’t want a regular nine-five.

Data Entry:

Data Entry is a great way to make extra money during the school year. You’re data entry tasks will come from different companies and you’ll be doing things like entering in orders, customer information or other basic clerical work.

The best part is that the company pays by the hour so it’s perfect for students who are looking to make a little extra cash while they study!

Web Designing:

Being a freelance web designer is not usually the dream job for students. Unfortunately, most websites need to be updated on a regular basis. And there’s always the odd project that needs to be designed from scratch as well.

Online Freelance Jobs for Students is great if you have some design knowledge and are looking for jobs in this industry!

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is an excellent option for students to make a little extra cash. But it does involve a lot of work and research to get started, so be prepared for that!

To find Online Freelance Jobs in this industry you need to have an eye for what’s working well on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and be able to create content which will go viral.

Graphics Designer:

Graphics design is one of the most in-demand online freelance jobs for students. It pays well and it’s a great way to build your portfolio!

To get started you need the skills of design, illustration, or typography combined with know how in Adobe Photoshop. But if you have these talents then Graphics Design is an excellent option for Online Freelance Jobs because people always want new designs to spice up their social media pages.


Many bloggers are asking themselves whether they can still be successful at blogging when so many others are doing the same thing? The answer is YES!. Blogging has been around since 2004 which means that there will never be too few blogs on any subject matter – especially as long as Google keeps its algorithm running Smoothly! to find the best blogs for your specific needs.

The key is to keep working hard, and provide the highest quality content that you can, so that Google will rank you higher in their listings of blog posts on a particular subject matter. In addition, many bloggers also get traffic from Facebook because it’s likely that they’ll be able to share some posts with all friends who are interested in reading about the same topic as them!


The editor is a freelance job for writers who have an interest in the field of writing and wish to work with other writers. The role of the editor includes reading and editing an article or book in order to improve its style, grammar, accuracy, cohesion and consistency.

The editor is usually not involved in the substantive content of a text but focuses on improving its quality by ensuring that it follows standard protocols for referencing sources (footnotes) as well as formatting correctly according to house Style guidelines.

Editor’s duties may also include proofreading articles before they are published online or in print media. An Editor typically works closely with authors throughout all stages of publishing process including research, drafting manuscripts, managing deadlines etc., so you might have more creative control over your projects than wht is offered by some other freelance writing jobs which only allow you to submit articles.

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant – as an alternative to Online Freelance Jobs for Students, try working as a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants perform administrative and organisational tasks that need to be done remotely over the Internet – these may range from something like organising an event or managing your email inbox!

Like Online Freelances jobs for students this is not in any way related to content writing but it’s still a great opportunity if you’re looking for Online Freelance opportunities with flexible hours.

Video Editor:

The next best thing to working in the video editing industry is to work as a Video Editor.

This is not Online Freelance jobs for students, but it’s still an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door!

You’ll be able to edit videos and find freelance opportunities online – or you could approach companies directly about working with them.

Video editors are needed by organisations who need content edited (such as video blogs).

Another great thing about this position is that many of these positions have flexible hours so you should be able to fit it around your course schedule if necessary.


Student looking for a way to make some money? Look no further than YouTube!

There you can upload videos for people to watch and then post ads in or near your video.

You are able to make money by getting paid for each ad that is shown on the screen while someone watches your content.

Or, if posting a lot of content seems daunting, there’s always sponsored posts! You might be approached at some point about partnering with brands who would like their products featured in your YouTube video blog. Just think: it could be as easy as writing what they want – and signing up with them!

Power Point Presentation Designer:

A freelance Power Point Presentation designer is in charge of designing presentations like the ones that are needed for business meetings.

Presentations can be designed from scratch or by taking Creative Commons licensed content and customizing it to suit a company’s needs.

This would not take more than an hour per slide, so there is plenty of time to do other work!

There are many websites out there which will pay you for designing Power Point Presentation slideshows – who knows what could turn up? Check out sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Guruji etc., online where freelancers look for jobs. The rates depend on the complexity and quality of your designs. You might have noticed them when looking at some videos on YouTube!

Proof Reader:

Do you want to get paid for proofreading?

Sounds like something you should check out!

There are many websites which offer remote jobs for proofreading, so it is a great way to earn money when working from home.

Just one quick search online will show that there are hundreds of companies willing to pay good rates just for someone with the skills and experience in this area!

If you have time on your hands, try applying for some of these roles and see what happens. You could be earning extra cash soon without any work at all – sounds too good not to give it a go? Give yourself an opportunity today. Searching “proofreader” on Google or Indeed yields lots of results where tasks can be completed remotely as well as locally.


Transcription is one of the best freelance jobs for students because you can work on your own time and at your own pace.

There are a lot of companies online that offer transcription jobs, so if you’re looking for one try searching “transcription” or “online transcription job.”

It’s worth giving it a go because the pay rates vary and some companies even provide bonuses for every hour of audio transcribed! You could be getting paid just by sitting in front of your computer working whenever is convenient for you. With this type of freelance option there are no deadlines to worry about, which means more free time outside of doing tasks specifically set out before hand – what else do students need?

Teaching Foreign Language:

Teaching Foreign Language – a student’s best kept secret A job as an online tutor is perfect for the college graduate looking to use their experiences in foreign language studies and earn some additional income. It can be done from home, which will allow you to spend more time with family or friends.

Selling Art:

Sell your art!

“Selling artwork is a great way to make some extra money. You can work from home, on weekends or whatever suits you.” “You don’t need any previous experience and it’s often an exciting change of pace after spending hours at the office every day!” For those without established contacts in the industry, there are many online resources that provide tips for getting started – such as Artsy Resume blog posts about how to build relationships with galleries and other artists.


So, if you’re a student looking for work and are tired of being confined to your bedroom (or the library), we have some great news. We found 15 online freelance jobs that might be perfect for you! Whether it’s writing articles or designing logos, there is something out there for everyone. Have any thoughts on these positions? Let us know in the comments below-we’d love to hear from you!


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