Short Note: The World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 to raise awareness of the environment and its impact on people’s daily lives.

In the environment, there are many activities aimed at developing certain things for the benefit of people. The environment is a natural phenomenon that people live and engage in many activities for their benefit and gain. They are the ones who harm the environment, but after that, they also protect environmental resources that affect people due to various negative and positive environmental influences.

Why Do We Celebrate World Environment Day?

It is very important to save resources and protect the necessary for the coming up generation. It has been observed that many of today’s resources are being used to make the dreams of many people come true.

Many resources run out very quickly day after day. Many people use large amounts of resources for their benefit and well-being, which can be a significant factor in resource depletion.

It would be best if you made a decent idea and plan to use the resources in a mannerly way to be consumed thoroughly without any wastage for the future generation or can be consumed when required. It is very important to know the need for people to consume resources to save all ideas to save many resources for the future. Most of the people are cutting down trees for their benefit without thinking of the environment. They cut down trees to develop the country, to get everything they need.

Today, people are increasingly reluctant to save the environment for the future generation. The environment gives everything that people want. When the environment is damaged, people face many challenges. They need to protect the environment from focusing on development activities and getting a better life.

People need to perform multiple tasks for their development. They need to focus on what many good things can be in the future. Many people are used to concentrating on future activities for future development.

It now understands that the sandbox cannot fulfill the dreams of all people because if they do, there will be many problems that everyone will have to face in the future.

History of World Environment Day

The UN General Assembly began the first World Environment Day ceremony in 1972. On this day, the opening ceremony of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment took place. Two years later, this celebration got the stage of theme titled “Only One Earth.” After that, it is continuously celebrated every year. Years passed, and in 1987, a new idea made it possible for different host countries to celebrate this day every year.

Since 1974, it has been felt that we should make our future clean and green. Governments around the world are striving for a healthy environment through various programs. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to develop innovative ideas for solving environmental problems and advocate for positive environmental factors and their impact on human life. The United Nations Environment Program was first launched in December 1972.

Importance of Celebrating World Environment Day

World Environment Day is used to celebrate every year, and the primary purpose of this day is to remind all the people on the earth to protect and preserve nature in any way for future generations.

It is observed that people face many environmental impacts after their activities on the environment. Today, many people cut many tall and small trees to grow various foods and other materials. Trees supply many raw materials for the production of many types of products in our daily life. It is used to prepare many foods and even fruits to keep humans and many other living things alive.

Most people use fuel and oils in their vehicles to move from one place to another. They use it for their important work and not so important work too. Therefore, it is very important to save these resources and use them for necessary purposes only. Today, people have all types of facilities such as bikes, cars, trains, airplanes e.t.c to travel everywhere. So, we need to think about it because resources are limited, and we have to save them for our future ones.

Therefore, you should not waste resources to fulfill your dreams due to their limited availability. People should focus on the activities they need to do for the younger generation to get whatever they want in the future. People must know the harmful effects of the environment and their consequences in the end they do. The government has started various schemes and plans to protect the resources for the future.

Today, the government has put forward many ideas to conserve resources by increasing gasoline and diesel costs and making them aware of using oil and gas only for essential purposes.

The government has also started creating awareness of environmental news in newspapers and several internet sites to keep people aware of environmental facts and their consequences.

It is imperative to inform people about the positive and negative effects of the environment so that they do not harm the environment. Therefore, all people should focus on environmental activities to keep the environment clean and suitable for future use.

World Environment Day 2021 Theme and Slogan

It is crucial to think of our environment because if we didn’t take care of it, then it will be bad for us only. We didn’t make it without it.

We used to celebrate World Environment Day so that we are aware of the facts and the impact of the environment on the lives of all people living on the earth.

Therefore, the government has posed several environmental concerns to know the causes and effects of the environment and save it for future use.

Every year, there is a different theme for this day, and every theme belongs to the environment safety and its solutions. So, the theme for June 5 2021, is Restore Our Earth” and it is expected to be celebrated on a grand scale by protecting and restoring the earth. So, this year, we have to follow our new theme and started restoring our mother earth. Most of the work was really done by the epidemic “Coronavirus.” I know that it created a bad situation and became a cause of lots of death. This year is challenging for most peoples who lost their loved ones. I hope we will get through it safely and healthy with the coronavirus vaccine.

Everything has an advantage and disadvantage. Well, I already counted a disadvantage, but if we talk of benefits, it helps our mother earth get restored. It helps in lowering the pollution level whether it is air or water.

But after the lock-down, it gets the same, just like before. So, we have to follow some measures to preserve the environment. We could probably leave our cars or bikes at home on World Environment Day and opt for public transport instead, or perhaps go to schools and offices on foot or by bike. Another thing we could do is that we have to reuse our kitchen waste and turn them into valuable compost by making a small space for digging holes. This way, we can eliminate artificial pesticides and fertilizers from the soil.

Through these efforts, we can conserve our local biodiversity at all times. When a small part of the population feels the need to preserve the environment and starts taking new steps, it will help our earth.

  • Environment Day 2020 is “Conservation of Biodiversity.” With millions of endangered species, now is the most important time to focus on biodiversity.
  • 2019 was air pollution. Each World Environment Day is a separate host country for official ceremonies. Host country orientation helps address environmental issues and supports global efforts to address them.
  • Environment Day 2018 was “Beat Plastic Pollution.
  • Environment Day 2017 was “Connecting people to nature, the city and the earth, from the poles to the equator.
  • Environment Day 2016 was “No Tolerance for Illegal Trade.”
  • Environment Day 2015 was “One Environment for One World.
  • Environment Day 2014 was “Small Islands for the Improving States and also Raise your Voice and not the level of the Sea.
  • Environment Day 2013 was “Think, Save, Eat with the Slogan of Decrease your Footprint.
  • Environment Day 2012 was Green Finance: Can It include you?
  • Environment Day 2011 was “Forest: Nature for all your Facility.
  • Environment Day 2010 was “One Future, One Planet, Many Species.”
  • Environment Day 2009 was “Fighting Climate Change Together: Our Planet Needs Us.
  • Environment Day 2008 was “CO2, Stop the Habit – Going Towards the Low Economy of the Carbon”.
  • Environment Day 2007 was “a hot topic: melting ice.”
  • Environment Day 2006 was “Desertification and the Deserts and the Slogan was “Don’t finish the Drylands.
  • Environment Day 2005 was “Cities are Green and Slogan was Think for the Planet.”
  • Environment Day 2004 was “Seas and the Oceans which is Wanted and the Dead or Alive was the Slogan.”
  • Environment Day in 2003 was “Water and the Slogan was almost Two Crore people are dying for it.”
  • Environment Day in 2002 was “Give Earth a Chance.”
  • Environment Day 2001 was “Connecting to the World Wide Web for Life.”

With the theme “Get Rid of Plastic Pollution” this year, the whole world is now coming together to fight single-use plastic pollution.


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Written by Ashoke Das

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